Wholagun - Fire In The Booth - Goes In Croydon South London @Iam_Wholagun
 all the same (2012-09-18 at 09:21:28)
 every uk rapper always got the same flow and always rhyming last two words, anyone could do dat .

 vize (2012-09-18 at 07:28:36)
 hes hard stil sik flow .

 geez (2012-09-16 at 17:06:40)
 add bianca 285F12D0 she got fat pussy n gives the maddest brain .

 First (2012-09-14 at 01:27:02)
 Wholagun are nigga went my secondary school use to see him puttin in work wiv da oldaz .

 Second (2012-09-14 at 01:27:59)
 Keep rappin g do ur ting .

 Third (2012-09-14 at 01:28:55)
 Keep it real wholagun hardd freestyle hope it daughters doing well g .

 Fourth (2012-09-14 at 01:29:40)
 Wholagun ripped it .

 Fifth (2012-09-14 at 01:30:30)
 Keep the chain goin loool .

 Sixth (2012-09-14 at 01:31:08)
 Lool ite let's keep this ting goon .

 Seventh (2012-09-14 at 01:32:04)
 Whoever fucks up the chain their mums a crackhead that lives on lewisham estates .

 Eighth (2012-09-14 at 01:33:08)
 Gonna keep dis chain goin to china and BACK .

 8th (2012-09-14 at 01:33:21)
 is what im smokinn .

 Ninth (2012-09-14 at 01:34:33)
 New record for tv .

 Tenth (2012-09-14 at 01:35:47)
 Jheez this is gonna be in Guiness world records .

 Eleventh (2012-09-14 at 01:37:51)
 Loooool wholagun went in he's skankin in the booth .

 12th (2012-09-14 at 02:15:42)
 west mids fam big tune star .

 suk birdgang good fellaz (2012-09-14 at 03:42:11)
 rahhhh dukes goin in 3 my gz clue zee mich .

 13th (2012-09-14 at 03:08:33)
 friday the 13th i was at jumma .

 14th (2012-09-14 at 03:09:03)
 you still get clapped on 14th .

 Lool (2012-09-14 at 05:26:23)
 Dis is fukin shit I kno wholagun n he's a pussy only roll wiv bare man..broke youts wiv no p. u will Neva make it .

 DON TANCH (2012-09-14 at 05:56:17)
 this croydon yute again.bun this pagon .

 @Don Tanch (2012-09-14 at 06:08:29)
 Im a croydon don yh, i always see you comment on whollies or the mandems vids. Ive seen ur videos ur shit sum ugly ratlin lookin motherfucker, so ere what im saying. u best stay in ur moist west endz, dnt ever try come local coz u will get violated. mandem kno u so keep it movin .

 Rl (2012-09-14 at 06:14:23)
 Nahhh diss Buddha da realist keep it up an staybreal .

 grudge (2012-09-14 at 07:28:33)
 i swear on satans toe nails im gona wig this don tanch tramp.this is the 3rd video that hes chat shit.man wil on site him. .

 P (2012-09-14 at 07:31:04)

 DON TANCH (2012-09-14 at 07:31:20)
 @don tanch.keep off this road ting.pagon .

 cr4 to cr0 (2012-09-14 at 08:10:28)
 fuck west.... westfields niggas .

 Fuck Tanch (2012-09-14 at 10:56:20)
 Fake Ratlin Lookalike.. Some Next Soggy West Dikface.. South Is Where It's At You Cunt!! With BASE!! Lol .

 21721e29 (2012-09-14 at 13:54:18)
 Holla man for dank cheese food .

 dapz (2012-09-14 at 14:55:14)
 can anyone tell wats don tanch beef wid croydon dons.every minute mans hatin. .

 DON TANCH (2012-09-14 at 15:03:37)

 WEST 12 (2012-09-14 at 19:32:18)
 These croydon dons need to behave dnt think us west man wnt leave you parked off .

 E9 htown (2012-09-14 at 19:36:41)
 dis wholagun guy is shabby! .

 word (2012-09-15 at 04:26:44)

 n14 soldier (2012-09-15 at 06:32:05)
 haaaaaard .

 South don (2012-09-16 at 08:22:02)
 Don tanch might be a hater but sons nice tho still .

 South don (2012-09-16 at 08:22:33)
 Don tanch might be a hater but sons nice tho still .

 Stacy Williams (2012-09-20 at 12:54:00)
 It took me time to learn all the comments, but I honestly loved the blog. It proved to be very advantageous to me and I'm positive to all of the followers here! .

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Wholagun - Fire In The Booth - Goes In Croydon South London @Iam_Wholagun
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