Wiley - A-List - Midnight Lover (Official Video)
 tookool4yew (2010-04-01 at 12:41:36)
 spidey1 yeah, there arent ani darkskin tings. but ders still black girls in dis still. they may be lightskinned black tings but dere still black (except for dat odd chinesse 1 and the mixed race ting tryna bred white blonde chicks) .

 am i high (2010-03-29 at 17:01:33)
 i swear thats margz at the end of the video or am i mad high .

 lol (2010-03-27 at 20:50:24)
 a list.... no way them man aint on no list .

 Cake (2010-03-27 at 13:35:30)
 wiley looks like sum fucking bullfrog fake bedrock look at the paki at the end thinks hes drake this london fuck da music make cold cash fake fucks .

 Greeeeze Man (2010-03-25 at 15:06:51)
 Tune's hard still .

 a-list fake young money (2010-03-25 at 12:16:59)
 this video a shit version of young money bedrock .

 FUCKKIN HARD (2010-03-25 at 11:32:45)
 A list goin on mucky .

 WASH!!!!!!!! (2010-03-25 at 09:11:41)
 THEY SHUD NEVA HAV DUN THIS A-LIST ARE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

 heiren (2010-03-24 at 18:09:46)
 first guy sound like dot rotten a bit .

 Jheeeeez (2010-03-24 at 15:49:46)
 Hardest tune Owt A-List doin Big Tingz .

 spidey1 (2010-03-24 at 14:17:51)
 god this is music i just hate,!! some blend of rnb,wheres the dark skinned ladies at as well..oh yeah i only watched 20 secs of the vid .

 i use 2 be hannoyed (2010-03-24 at 14:03:05)
 by wileys music but this tune and never be your women is first i fucked wiv,real niggas just dont ride to grime sorry .

 yo (2010-03-24 at 12:31:38)
 margs got a nice bringing at da end .

 WTF (2010-03-24 at 09:09:05)
 wheres bratt? .

 jheeez (2010-03-23 at 22:58:52)
 dem chiks are fuckin sexy omdz lol dey would get smashed .

 dw (2011-11-22 at 15:57:51)
 finally wiley turns up to a vid .

 T (2010-07-04 at 21:15:22)
 man just chat shit .

 lool (2010-11-27 at 18:45:25)
 all of dem girls are WAYYY to good for dem man .

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Wiley - A-List - Midnight Lover (Official Video)
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