Would You Go Out With a Girl With a Past Or a Baby Mama? - Question In London - Onanex TV
 ohh please (2012-01-24 at 07:36:39)
 i hate when man c hat bout hoes when you mans are bigger slags urself beating every piece of meat you see..look @ u u make girls turn into hoes kmt... and next time ask boys who are good looking .

 fukin joe blak (2012-01-24 at 06:37:47)
 joe blak looking nigga,fuckin frass ute ,he aint on shit in da endz,tryma bad some moist ute in central.hu goes central on a pedal bike anywaiz. bout he looks like trey songz loooooool.dat other bredda is funny doe bout da bucket .

 lightbulb (2012-01-24 at 05:58:20)
 MADNESS!!! CYCLE GUY stops interview with girl to fight otha guy! Central london MADNESS!! .

 jay (2012-01-25 at 17:20:17)
 darkskin trey songz lmaooooo .

 SNITCH (2012-01-25 at 16:56:32)

 loool (2012-01-25 at 12:17:42)
 my darg kaos on this .

 wooooow (2012-01-25 at 11:26:36)
 obviously girls have been hoes frrrrom daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! why is this a surprise to people! and people can change. and mandem saying they wont get with a gyal thats a baby mum..ehh most girls have kids same to most man..lol! it depends tho these youths are bare young that's why they talkin like that you can't expect a 18 year old to take on a girl that has a baby. but then again there are teens who look after their kids the right way..i think its a mental thing really cant say its a age ting anyways everyone had a baby mum and everyone has a baby dad sooo! plus that child didnt ask to be here so fuck what people think! .

 haha (2012-01-24 at 05:29:55)
 she said he looks like trey songz loooooooolll he looks more like snakeyman .

 Never! (2012-01-24 at 16:52:59)
 loooooooooooooooooooooooool the way the guy says never at the beginning but nah these days girls r lost.. most of these piffies have a past. .

 first (2012-01-22 at 22:58:13)
 first .

 and (2012-01-23 at 00:08:18)
 do you get a price if your first? mug .

 Smh (2012-01-23 at 03:48:07)
 It's prize not price lol .

 looool at and (2012-01-23 at 04:18:36)
 man try inslut but cant even spell ooool .

 and is dickhead (2012-01-23 at 05:00:28)
 that guy wounded, he blatantly wanted to be first, its more peak cos he is a failure at spelling .

 LOOOOOL (2012-01-23 at 05:19:30)

 lol (2012-01-23 at 06:16:26)
 the guy that said man try and inslut it's insult not inslut lool you can't even spell lool .

 I DONT CAR EIF THAT BITCH GOT A BAB (2012-01-23 at 07:33:36)

 harlesden (2012-01-23 at 08:55:14)
 loooooool kaos is funny hows man starting a fight lol harlesden all day bapp bapp .

 reality check (2012-01-23 at 09:56:21)
 dese man gassin in dis day in age u gona find it hard to find a gyal hu aint been beat out by nuff man real talk .

 LOOOOL (2012-01-23 at 11:29:43)

 this girl fresh (2012-01-23 at 12:46:10)
 this girl fresh .

 battyboy (2012-01-23 at 16:06:35)
 kaos u fukin blik shit yur moist u aint really on dis ting mandems jus tryna act tought on camera but on roads yur ah pussyboy .

 loool (2012-01-23 at 16:28:48)
 bare spellin mistakes una .

 Illtown (2012-01-23 at 16:41:59)
 Kaos got nanked and stripped on the loxford strip lil batty Bwoi bare man done pass tru ur dumb excuse of a babymum. Freee Nightz .

 harlem (2012-01-23 at 16:55:10)
 u lot chat shit stop makin up lies bout kaos cuh i no u man couldnt cum halrem and chat shit to any of us .

 tj (2012-01-23 at 18:12:32)
 dese man are gassed most girls that are peng have a past what girl aint been beat out in this day and age for real like it or not every man getting leftovers!!!! .

 tj (2012-01-23 at 18:14:45)
 dese man are gassed most girls that are peng have a past what girl aint been beat out in this day and age for real like it or not every man getting leftovers!!!! .

 the truth (2012-01-24 at 09:14:38)
 whoever these guysnare their not funny i swear that biggerzanablunt boy an his team started it they need to bring him back his was MAAAAADDDDDDD FUNNY these guys are just terrible camera qualitys poor editing looks below par an the presenters aint even easy on the eye GTE THE FUCK OUTTA HERE U BEGS!! .

 Say What????? (2012-01-24 at 09:55:30)
 This bitch shoulda went Specsavers bout Trey Songz....gassed cos she wanna get smashed! .

 brixton akhi (2012-01-25 at 18:28:30)
 'thats the mad thing about somalians' my bruddas .

 brixton akhi (2012-01-25 at 18:28:40)
 'thats the mad thing about somalians' my bruddas .

 sneakbo (2012-01-25 at 19:15:17)
 de guy looks like sneakbo abt trey songz loool .

 1 (2012-01-28 at 10:26:54)
 wat da hell is she on bout trey songz she needs 2 go specsavers kmt .

 don (2012-01-29 at 17:41:59)
 All these niggas loook washed, some them video .

 swag (2012-01-29 at 17:43:04)
 that biitch presented is annoying wid her clapped voice, begging answers from dons .

 #fuking balck (2012-01-29 at 17:43:51)
 how cud man say fuking joe black yuna loooooooool noo respect dnt let dat gal gass u ur frass and broke, p.s get rid of dat body warmer fam .

 Clean Every day (2012-01-31 at 11:42:52)
 Bare internet badman ah comment .. go get a life an stop watch people....if unna nuh like the people dem gweh better still go take a paracetamol...unna love too much war..better you get an education coz nuff of unno lacking that. .

 Bun Dutty Badmind (2012-01-31 at 14:07:53)
 Cockcroaches go crawl back in your gutter Stop pree the man,weh do these sodomite chatting shit behind screen , bun dutty badmind Str888.keep them talking Kaos . Jealousy is a serious disease.They cant even relate to the Question but them ah worry bout Kaos,jus have to laff after them ! .

 realist (2012-02-01 at 19:18:35)
 dem bun blick bwoy talkin bout gyal u need to sta wid hoe after i no u suck crutches , pussyole hate gassed uo black boys , always chattin shit and dey suck pussy allow it .

 FU (2012-02-03 at 10:51:41)
 Fuck off realist aka fake ass you cant get no gyal an stop hide behind screen..real pussyhole. .

 blocks are real (2012-02-25 at 08:57:59)
 if your dwn 4 the problems of girl wid baby allreddy den go 4 it but girls with no kids are allways easyer .

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