Wretch 32 - Climax 3Style - Goes Inn - North London - @wretch32
 1st (2012-03-22 at 22:49:02)
 HEY .

 REVOLT (2012-03-23 at 00:10:37)

 RT (2012-03-23 at 02:54:50)
 wretch kills every beat .

 On a real level (2012-03-23 at 06:36:07)
 Wretch wa u doin on dis site real talk. it confusin. Ur in chipmunks tinies agenda now u dont belong here. jus tryna hang on 2 da road movement. when really u sold it out 2 go mainstream. ur out of place on here don. Dis is underground hoodshit. u sold out, so stop tryna hang on. when u bukk up wid dat brudda chipmunk n even scorcher. tell dem da same applies. u jus confusin man, losin credability .

 on a real level (2012-03-23 at 06:37:55)
 u mite fink it gassed blud but look at da views. dis shit dnt belong here. .

 on a level..ur dumb (2012-03-23 at 11:22:08)
 real talk i cnt believe hw much shit our chattin .

 niall jordan (2012-03-23 at 11:57:26)
 facebook me "niall jordan" im from southampton and i will fuck up any little coon who gets gassed on here WHITE POWER .

 on a level (2012-03-23 at 12:22:26)
 Wretchy is dat u. nah nah it probs scorcher gettin all defensive like dat. I dont give a fuck, dis shit is so wet, moist, wretch is tender man. check da views fam check da views .

 you shit guys dont no music (2012-03-23 at 12:23:16)
 i hate you shit music fans that like sneakbo, k-koke and all them the shit rappers with their nursery rhymes. Wretch 32 and Chip are the best in the UK hands down. .

 yo (2012-03-23 at 17:04:53)
 dnt hate on wretchh .. hess a GAFFER in diss bruv deserves all attention fro underfground too the mainstream thats 100!! .

 yo blud (2012-03-24 at 06:22:56)
 the mainstream n the underground dont mx. any weasel tryna mix is confused wid his style of music. Basically when wretch in da hood wit ogs he cant play his album, hed get laughed at bout holdin on. iss 1 or da other. u chose da other. dont believe me check da views. adz n shallow get more views. more respected as underground .

 nigga (2012-03-27 at 00:14:56)
 your shits wack blood #truth .

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Wretch 32 - Climax 3Style - Goes Inn - North London - @wretch32
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