Yellows - Bitch Better Have My Money (Freestyle) - CMAR - [Net Video]
 n1n1 (2012-04-05 at 08:50:07)
 n1n1 shit shit shit! .

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 n7n7 (2012-04-05 at 11:29:30)
 soooo shit shit .

 don (2012-04-05 at 12:30:23)
 fam your broke for fuck sake your dringing boost .

 n9n9 (2012-04-05 at 12:39:54)
 shit shit shit on toast .

 coverface (2012-04-05 at 13:29:04)
 Is this what the UK has to offer? Nahhh mandem need to come correct. This bredda needs to come off tyga dick too, swear this is the 2nd tyga beat he has catted. pussyole .

 jheez (2012-04-05 at 15:36:10)
 bitch better have my money! .

 gunnerz (2012-04-05 at 17:23:21)
 mans drinking boost. SNM .

 @coverface (2012-04-05 at 19:10:12)
 type in 'best of murray uk' on youtube. proper uk rap .

 westldnn (2012-04-06 at 00:13:41)
 i think its goood n hes sexy .

 e5th (2012-04-06 at 05:00:27)
 55p boost the new drink for ppl dat cant afford redbull .

 RT (2012-04-06 at 07:27:13)
 What the difference between redbull n boost low it anyone can buy red bull or boost stop preeing the juice n focus on the tune im sure thats why we clicked on the icon in the first fucking place .

 RT (2012-04-06 at 07:28:54)
 But the tunes alright though but there's room for improvement .

 E10 (2012-04-06 at 13:30:55)
 Where is that TY yout from CMAR hes meant to be the best one after chip .

 his sooo shit (2012-04-06 at 15:01:24)
 nuff sed .

 he needs tto improve (2012-04-06 at 15:02:00)
 seriously waste of time .

 M. (2012-04-06 at 21:01:29)
 your flow is calm but your poor how can you have boost in your hand like that s 55p and that. At least get a E&J next time or something better than boost :D :S .

 pusssio (2012-04-07 at 15:16:37)
 some wet ute tryna copy yungen n dem wet nigas 2 suk ur dusty muda posi .

 FGHJNKL (2012-04-08 at 20:33:31)
 W E T .

 Kirsty (2012-04-09 at 06:52:33)
 You Look Nice But, Your Kinda Rubbish In This Music Game. You Need To seriously Need To Improve .

 FAKE! (2012-05-04 at 06:43:25)
 Wannabe Chip.#SMH .

 damn (2012-07-17 at 10:39:19)
 dis paki is butters boy .

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Yellows - Bitch Better Have My Money (Freestyle) - CMAR - [Net Video]
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