Young Spray - Came Up (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) // @Young_Spray @linkuptv
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 North West Bloodclart Don (2012-08-07 at 09:03:51)
 I cant fucking lie spray you going bloodclart inn to the world .

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 RTM young spray (2012-08-06 at 08:13:11)
 yo spray. wen u wake up in da morning and just know your da best rapper in the uk. how does that feel? haha .

 how does it feel to be the best at (2012-08-06 at 08:11:29)
 yo spray for real. u holdin the crown. .

 Who's Morgan???? (2012-08-07 at 02:29:25)
 WHos's Morgan???? .

 east 17 (2012-08-07 at 02:04:45)
 bang bang ma nigga go in .

 priory court (2012-08-08 at 04:20:08)
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 Dy (2012-08-06 at 14:56:56)
 Real talk dnno how other artists are getting recognised and spray aint...supprised he a rapper from da us aint hit him up yet...keep at it g reppin da uk streets ard right now 1 .

 k 1 (2012-08-06 at 14:32:18)
 spray makes me laugh every video he talks like he bare hard but definitely some1 there can have u killed doe.remb dat spray be humble g .

 damnnn (2012-08-06 at 14:12:41)
 linkuptv defo going in with these videos!! ade is a beast! .

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 Big Lee (2012-08-06 at 04:07:53)
 Layon, bro, this is a backwards step bro. You're better than this. If you're a real Jaata (Lion) lead the youngers in the right direction man. No hate and best wishes to you blud .

 You follow swag (2012-08-06 at 03:36:53)
 He's got his own stile you don't see him in what every other guy where's der just rappers in uniform .

 T-town n17 M M soldier (2012-08-09 at 12:02:08)
 Fuck u young spray u fucking crack head wank stain ur soo shit rt ur from my bitz but i dnt rate u on dis rap ting fix ur barz and start spittin fire carh rite now ur jus plain shit .

 @Real Stow Bangers GMD (2012-08-08 at 18:36:45)
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 dan (2012-08-09 at 06:51:23)
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 part one (2012-08-24 at 08:58:09)
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