Young Spray ft Shaun White - Realer Than Must - North to South - Exclusive
 SE21 SE22 (2011-04-16 at 13:15:06)

 lose weight pills (2013-02-01 at 01:45:58)
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 1st bitches (2011-04-11 at 23:41:29)
 Say nuttin norf goes ard souf is ite. .

 WEST L (2011-04-12 at 00:12:49)

 WEST L (2011-04-12 at 00:12:50)

 Clinton Ponton (2011-04-12 at 02:41:52)
 I MISS You spray come home daddy c1 loves you x .

 g force (2011-04-12 at 03:13:52)
 free young spray .

 ... (2011-04-12 at 03:29:25)

 Lee (2011-04-12 at 03:31:18)
 Here we go again, another batch looking to diss him and C1. Well, I guess some folks have real cause to have animosity towards these boys but I don't particularly. Why's he in jail anyway? Anyone know what he was tryna say putting all them artists in at the end? Are they supposed to be the real ones? .

 kmt (2011-04-12 at 04:09:04)
 alie lee dese man r jus sad wid no lifes smh @ u sad 1s .

 south (2011-04-12 at 04:21:27)
 ders always love for sprays tunes out here u dunno didnt no hes in tha bin tho i thought hes gona bus in music .

 @ Lee (2011-04-12 at 04:25:13)
 I Doubt it because theyre all real ca i c johnny gunz and all dem next gay artists so its most probably all the UK artists .

 Totty Northstar badboy Spray (2011-04-12 at 05:04:14)
 sprays in jail for stabbing someone in a club in essex. it was on crimewatch. real bad boy. Free Spray aka Spider .

 HACKNEY (2011-04-12 at 05:29:36)

 Lower Stow (2011-04-12 at 05:35:30)

 OK! (2011-04-12 at 06:50:33)
 Yeah,alright. .

 IS DIS A DISS SONG (2011-04-12 at 07:27:04)

 p.c e17 /n8 (2011-04-12 at 07:38:19)
 rtm bad to the bone dnt act it not worth it go to work or school if ur not cut owt for dis .

 DRIVE / MARLOW E17 (2011-04-12 at 07:42:43)
 YOUNG SPRAY is from Walthamstow E17-Pussy hole Priory Court E17. He also used to rep Chingford Hall E4. He's on TOTTENHAM'S DICK (Big up TMD). Spray is on C1's dick. Farm man dont rate you, coz you a bredder. YOUR FROM E17 NOT N17 U SPENG! FREE SIMEON E10 BEAUMONT! .

 @ drive / marlow e17 (2011-04-12 at 08:02:56)
 Gas talk!!! Sprays never repped chingford hall! always repped priory and totty .

 mozart (2011-04-12 at 09:14:14)
 fuck all endz mozart w10 kg dunkno .

 @@ drive / marlowe e17 (2011-04-12 at 09:18:39)
 young spray made chinghall with pumpz first mandem 2 rep ching block loool now his beefing them plus all ur olders shook of em so y u gassin 4 .

 @lee (2011-04-12 at 09:37:11)
 i think hes saying time will tell whos real cause everyone claims to be real nowdays........time will tell .

 oi spiff (2011-04-12 at 09:58:46)
 changevthe title lol realer then must ha ha learn to spell .

 ha ha shame (2011-04-12 at 09:59:53)
 you cant spell either .

 search (2011-04-12 at 10:31:18)
 ESSEX NIGHTCLUB STABBING, dats y young spray in prison he got locked for it recent .

 fuk north (2011-04-12 at 10:35:18)
 dey b on sum witchcraft shit blackmagic tip.. lowe it spray .

 YOUNG STAB (2011-04-12 at 12:10:50)
 People know me as Young Spray but my name is Young Stab now. .

 AT (2011-04-12 at 12:27:48)
 2:48 wot movie is dat?? .

 NA MAN SPRAYS INNOCENT!! (2011-04-12 at 13:05:18)

 allow da voodo (2011-04-12 at 13:26:21)
 BUN DAT SHIT! Shaytan wont help you when it's time for judgment. .

 lool (2011-04-12 at 13:39:05)
 Swear down Spiff can not do a week without mispelling!! its "realer than MOST!!" not must lol .

 SPIFF (2011-04-12 at 14:40:50)

 JAJA SOZE (2011-04-12 at 17:23:46)

 n17 (2011-04-13 at 16:54:38)
 free spray .

 17-15 (2011-04-13 at 19:01:58)

 free young spray (2011-04-14 at 06:11:47)
 nahhh dats sad it was in 09 aswell. free young spray .

 but wait (2011-04-14 at 06:12:26)
 how comes i cant find a news article about it tho ??????????????? .

 but wait (2011-04-14 at 06:12:26)
 how comes i cant find a news article about it tho ??????????????? .

 gngstaa (2011-04-14 at 08:13:31)
 R.I.P u got shanked by k koke .

 ... (2011-04-18 at 02:38:16)
 wondered if dat was him on crimewatch.dem plaits confused me!unprovoked if it was him.shit u do in da past comes back 2 haunt u!! .

 i grind daily (2011-04-16 at 19:05:34)
 mandem need to bun da endz talk.... thats washed! u cant get rich stayin on ur dead block suckin da life out of people inda same struggle as you ur ment to be helpin! .

 igrind daily (2011-04-16 at 19:06:44)
 mandem need to bun da endz talk.... thats washed! u cant get rich stayin on ur dead block suckin da life out of people inda same struggle as you ur ment to be helpin! . .

 i grind daily (2011-04-16 at 19:08:10)
 big tune tho!! respect young sprays gangster! but jus accept derz not many man out here really livin like him... do you! .

 haha (2011-04-15 at 20:37:34)
 Remember spider in cell 3? Mr I don't care who u r were in jail g. .

 REALER (2011-04-15 at 20:59:04)

 e17 to se28 reel madman (2011-04-16 at 13:49:44)
 all u little pusys go get a life reel fukin g,s out her no time to fuk wit u internet wanksters reel and fuk any1 from stinkford hall sum any essex pusys aint man seen da e4 cruisers full time jokers.... MAN DONT GET IT TWISTED 4 A SECOND US MAN WER DOIN DIS TING WAYYYYYY BAK HALE END L.B.T REEL SHIT DONT FUK WIT DA NET ONLY REEL LIFE DONT REP NO BANDANA .

 haha (2011-04-15 at 06:18:44)
 spray went jail for that stabbing. good. i knew it was him. nigga was on crimewatch doing it looooool. looked real bummy too. nanko'd the dude for no reason. cos dude accidentally barged him or sutin. spray was wiv 1 other man drinkin moet from the bottle, lookin real broke in wat looked like his mums fur coat. arms were too short loooool. he didnt say nuttin to the dude. just kicked bk for a min, krept up then nanked him. some any regular party goer out for a good time. i used to r8 spray b4 this. but non money motivated crime is wat kids do. its for bums. man is nearly 30. grow up. good rapper tho. but defo not real. just choopid!! FACT!! .

 haha (2011-04-15 at 06:29:02)
 his head piece was a state too. messy single platts. lookin real bummy i had to wonder if it was really him the guy looked so down. but u can even c the b8 tat on his neck on the cctv. guys a lemon. koke got nicked for shooting he didnt do cos of his neck tat. stop the dumb b8 tats. tell me i wudnt say this to sprays face and im not a bad boy cos i wudnt and i aint. that stabbing was 1st hand evidence that hes a real waste man. surprised spiff aint got the footage up. i recorded it looooool .

 dont act like u know when u dont! (2011-04-14 at 17:12:10)
 Young Spray isnt also known as spider u mug! spider is someone else...if u knew road u would know bout dis .

 . (2011-04-14 at 21:41:05)
 yeh bruv dat was hes name in jail bak in d day .

 lol (2011-04-15 at 02:01:52)
 dont embarrass yourself. spray used to be called spider when he was younger and in jail. if you knew road u wud know dat, lol. .

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