Yungen - Dice Freestyle - Jstar Entertainment - He Goes Inn - South
 ^^^^^ bosh (2011-04-12 at 01:59:50)
 sum any head chick lol .

 LALALA (2011-04-12 at 02:42:43)
 Goes In We Had Da Floor Shaking Da Draws Shaking I Had MY Balls In Her Mouth Jaw Breaking .

 Nasher (2011-04-12 at 04:14:14)
 This brother lyrical is hard, But hes gotta jam wid da gun hype coz i dnt see dis skinny bitch poppin no one ya zemme. KEEP IT REAL YOU GOT TALENT .

 SilentDesigns (2011-04-12 at 04:18:42)
 Its just music, it doesn't mean he has to blaze at a man .

 raaah (2011-04-12 at 05:18:41)
 tell me one road rapper wid better metaphors he embarrasses the likes of krept n konan wen it comes to metaphors .

 WATTZ (2011-04-12 at 05:39:11)

 SmartAss (2011-04-12 at 06:33:40)
 its usually the skinny guys who bust gunz coz they cant fight he seems like he nos what hes talking about .

 fuk off (2011-04-12 at 06:37:55)
 fukin hard .

 Skinz GTC FUK YBS (2011-04-12 at 08:23:08)
 real talks .

 . (2011-04-12 at 09:51:38)
 ard .

 spray suttin! (2011-04-12 at 10:14:54)
 what ends is this? .

 YUNGEN IS ARDDDDDDDDDDDDD (2011-04-12 at 11:10:54)
 Listen this breh is wayyyyyyyy better than giggs, sneakbo, chipmunk and hu the fuck else is on the scene.. real talk yungen is toooooo hard this guy needs to blow like brainers asap real talk!!! i can see dis guy on mtv soon.. he deserves it and no homo but his got the looks aswell init .

 ibz (2011-04-12 at 13:16:30)
 add my facebook ibrahim santana don ibz .

 LALALALA! (2011-04-12 at 15:30:25)

 sho (2011-04-12 at 16:58:09)
 he went in officially 1 of the ardest now. them metaphors are fire! real talk i dont rate alot of these rappers cah dey dont do what they say an they make real man like me look washed. keep doin ur ting sho .

 Nuhh!! (2011-04-12 at 17:19:26)
 Ardd shitt!! real gz .

 G (2011-04-12 at 17:59:42)

 Northwest City (2011-04-12 at 19:08:34)
 oii yungen fucked it upp .

 yh (2011-04-12 at 20:21:28)
 wwent in still. dunkno .

 punchline dis and dat (2011-04-13 at 13:03:14)
 ur borring nw spit sum real shit not hating .

 litez w9 (2011-04-13 at 14:42:02)
 d beats nasty n he was good on it stil .

 cylaahcakess (2011-04-13 at 17:36:59)
 chrissy, this one went i . i like it alot . well done chris/ jj :):) .

 oii (2011-04-14 at 11:21:59)
 doo moreee trackss with sneakbo cause for when he gets signed you can jump in his tracks and get known .

 loool (2011-04-19 at 13:35:27)
 bag of neekz .

 ROSENDALE SE21 (2011-04-18 at 14:08:02)
 real talks, ez 1 of the only utes reppin the blocks rite now .

 skillz (2011-04-16 at 19:31:37)
 yeah he goes in, nuff ov dese uk rappers cant chat to him!! i swear he 28s loverboy younger thoe... .

 BUFF (2011-04-17 at 06:42:35)

 my blocks (2011-04-16 at 09:26:58)
 dis dickhead, yu lot fink he hard? sum wet yute (dont bk out da beef) loool dully .

 my blocks (2011-04-16 at 09:30:09)
 dis dickhead, yu lot fink he hard? sum wet yute loool dully .

 w10 grove (2011-04-15 at 12:34:34)
 yeah your hard where u man from .

 Maticc (2011-04-14 at 16:00:55)
 He duppied dat beat had to play dat backk .

 mashtown (2011-04-21 at 13:15:39)
 bag of neekz try jump on dis tin.fuk u ya mashtown allday everyday .

 YOUNG-DUPPIE (2011-04-30 at 05:41:38)
 yungen is siik uno dnt get it twisted......! .

 Fuck Mashtown (2011-05-15 at 15:37:21)
 Mashtown can fuck off some any neeks its only for Margs u loy r known pussy'ole hatterz .

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 Tut Tut Tut (2011-05-31 at 10:04:25)
 Just Clocked Ma Brother In Da BackGround Of Dis Video. Now I Know Where He Is When He Walks In Da House A Past 12:00. .

 rosendale se21 (2011-06-12 at 12:04:32)
 fuck east dully .

 fuck rosedale u pricks (2011-08-23 at 12:36:19)
 fuck rosedale u pricks .

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 tules hill (2012-08-29 at 09:00:18)
 they go in but never heard of dem .

 soft skin (2012-09-17 at 16:48:29)
 im in love with him i think hes buff...... .

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